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Sorry if I am being dramatic, pathetic or PMS-y. I had a weird day and all I can think about is you leaving me in 2 weeks. I wish I could spend every day with you until you leave for training. It's obvious that we both care and want the best for this relationship. Our situation is not ideal and it causes some fights that wear on us. You need to know that when I get upset with you it is always because I miss you. I hate talking about all the time we will be apart, but I know our separation will make us stronger individually and as a couple. "Being in love doesn't mean being inseparable; it means being separated and nothing changes." I am willing to spend weeks alone because all my pain is erased when you are back in my arms. We will make it work. I just need you to be supportive and to stop doubting me. If you can believe in me I can believe in us. I really can't stand to hear you say that I am going to cheat. My heart belongs to you and there is no room for anyone else. Let's make this a positive experience. You are all about positivity so now is the time to preach your good words. You said it yourself- we have more than a spark, we have a flame. So baby ignite the light and let it shine!

I love you.

chuck & blair vs. wes & kt

I beg your pardon, I should have checked my facts before I started making false accusations. Welcome to our blog baby. This will be fun. I'm sure you will learn how to use it. In fact I challenge you to become a better blogger than I. I also challenge Chuck& Blair to a hot couples competition. We need to take a picture that's even hotter than this. GAME ON! <3 xoxo


How does this thing work? P.S. we have the best user name ever

Bucket List


Here is Katie's Half:


1.salsa dancing at spice street
2. ride in a hot air balloon
3. see the northern lights
4. celebrate mardi gras in new orleans
5. volunteer at a soup kitchen
6. go to an art auction
7. design a house
8. go to one of the triple crown events
9. attend the cherry blossom festival in dc
10. cliffdive in the mountains near Asheville
11. find the tallest waterfall in NC and drink from it
12. have a movie marathon- theme to be determined
13. get a 6 pack
14. read a book together
15. complete a half marathon
16. go camping
17. go kayaking/fishing on jordan lake
18. milk a cow
19. celebrate the 4th of july outside of the U.S.
20. get a (first/second) tattoo
21. float in the dead sea
22. sleep under the stars
23. take a cooking class
24. stay in an ice hotel
25. make sweet crepes with nutella
26. have a picnic at duke gardens
27. eat a hot dog on a street corner in NYC

Is it a coincidence that my list has 27 items? NO! My birthday is May 27 and Wes & KT's anniversary is November 27!! Can I get an encore?

Wesley you sexy thing- YOUR TURN!